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Many Sunrises and Sunsets have expired since I was last able to get on my web site. I wasn’t even able to check my messages. So I am sorry that I hadn’t responded to you. We are working on posting new images. Since we last posted I have finished my coffee table book “The Essence Mt. Zirkel Wilderness”  which is a 160,000 acre wilderness nestled  high in the northern rocky mountains of Colorado. I wanted to capture all of the beauty thru my photographs and text for all that have journeyed there and those that have not, sharing for all opening the cover devouring the beauty. Lots of miles have been covered on capturing images for my new book soon to be in print. I have taken over 45,000 new images this last year for a new coffee table book “Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains”. It is focused on a year life cycle of all the ungulates in the rocky mountains, with a section on predators, birds of prey, and miscellaneous other species. Together there will be nine categories with 30 to 60 images in each, highlighted with text in all. We have added canvas and aluminum to medias of materials our pictures can be placed on. Please check things out as we begin adding images to our site. Thank you and I hope you enjoy, Dale.

Sunday April 2,2017

What a beautiful morning I went out watching and photographing the Greater Sage Grouse near my home quite the display 68 females and 54 males. All the males were dancing romancing all the lady’s. What a wonderful display males will fan their tail feathers in a array of color. Fine plumage atop of their heads floats as they stand upright exposing bright white feathers on their chest taking in vast amounts of air expanding olive green air sacks, then exhaling creating a deep thump, continually repeating with that many males developing a symphony.

As the sun fades into night, the moons sliver is climbing dancing among the stars. Shimmering in a partly cloudy sky tantalizing howls lingering as wolves serenade the night.


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Moose everywhere

Went out and watched eight moose last Thursday and saw eight moose again on Friday Found two that looked as if they had been killed by Mt.Lions

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Welcome to our New Site|Blog Page

Our new site is going hot we are posting new images, lots of new country to photograph if you are interested in an image you don’t see e-mail me or call me. Like to here from you. So we can’t leave no mountain unclimbed no sunrise or sunset to vanish without being captured thru the lens of my camera.

Please check back for updates.

Thank you  for you patience and for supporting Dale R Petefish Photography.

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